Two apples, almost identical (actually, one of them is a bit bigger than the other)

What a sad fate for a painter who loves blondes, but who refrains from putting them in his picture because they don’t go with the basket of fruit! What misery for a painter who hates apples to be obliged to use them all the time because they go with the cloth! I put everything I love in my paintings. So much the worse for the things, they have only to arrange themselves with one another.

Pablo Picasso

I know, I know: Juan Antonio, they are only two apples in a bowl.

Ok, but they are beautiful in their perfect balance and harmony; they could be EVERYTHING. If they are arranged together like Yin and Yang, they can be the whole Universe though, you know, they rather lie down lazily one next to the other.

Two apples, almost identical (actually, one of them is a bit bigger than the other) - 2017. Zbrush & Blender. Rendered with Cycles.

If apples could talk, they would say so many things… well, maybe too many things… but you don’t have to worry: their mouths will remain sealed forever. Apples are perfect secret keepers.

Now try to picture a Garden of Earthly Delights, a Sacred Tree, a snake, a Woman and a Man naked as the day they were born… and finally an apple just to disobey the Divine Law and make them fall; a single apple to fill them with Humanity, to change the course of History.

Apples could tell us about desire, passion and lust. They could tell us beautiful Love stories or just write down books about endless sinful nights; but you see, they are so worried doing nothing… so very worried… They rather stay still, in their heavy and unbearable silence, as they don’t want to be bothered. Besides, they don’t remember Eden gardens anymore.

But it was an apple the one who unchained the Trojan War; an apple was given to the glorious winners of the Olympic Games in the age of Gods; a scientist apple was the one who hit the wise man's head to show him and proof the Universal Law; Art History could be re-written only with apples; From Caravaggio to Cézanne, and beyond… What about Picasso without them? And what about Magritte??? New York wouldn't exist without them; and they have brought us beautiful computers and sophisticated devices, and also The Beatles! Even more: nobody would smoke in Tarantino movies without them!!!

The bad guys temptation: Red Apple redesign by Ross MacDonald.

As you see, apples are concerned about everything. A thick book or, better said, a whole encyclopedia should be devoted to the immense symbolic power of apples. They should be kept in the Library of Congress due to their high esthetic and cultural significance. But they won’t ever show off of that; they are so humble, so discreet… So don’t mess with apples! Maybe they are more important than you!!!

NOW: Do you still think that they are only two apples???

Red Apples, by Smog, from Red Apple Falls album (1997).

Behind the scene

The scene is quite simple. I have started with a couple of previous models although this time my challenge was to go further with texturing and photorealistic lighting.

Here you can see the clay render, without the specific materials; only with bump textures.

Mate rendering of the scene.

Everything done in Blender plus some details in ZBrush, as the displacement texture of the stem. As you can see, I have added a fine particles system with Blender to better depict its tiny furry surface.

The textures in apple skin and also in the cloth and the bowl's red ring are fully procedurals, which means: I haven't used any picture or digital illustration to make them; simply I have created a node system with different procedural patterns mixed all over, giving me at the end the final texture.

Detail #1 in original resolution

Detail #2 in original resolution

Health and Love for everyone!!!

Note: I'm not a native English speaker and sometimes I think I'm writing too much 😀 Anyway I apologize for every single mistake I make with your beautiful language. If you feel like correcting me or giving me some advice, please, don't hesitate: drop me a line! I'll be glad to read you!

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