I see my light come shining

From the west unto the east

Any day now, any day now

I shall be released

Bob Dylan

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.

I will light my candle with illusion, like a little kid; waiting for the Christmas day and trying to improve myself during this precious time of the year as much as I can.

The arrival of Christmas is also the arrival of the Winter's solstice. It means that the days are gonna be longer, finally. The light will be spread and we will enter again in the Realm of the Light, after a season of darkness. It means, actually, Hope.

That’s a beautiful way of thinking about it, isn’t it? Darkness symbolizes what is hidden. Light symbolizes what is revealed. Light is the Truth. Christ is the Light. And Light always, always, always defeats the Darkness.

The arrival of December is perfect chance to look back and see what you have done with the year or, sometimes, to see what the year has done with you 😀 But we shouldn’t forget that we are the main responsible of our lives. So maybe it’s big time to be aware about ourselves and trying to get better, specially in the spiritual side. I know it sounds like a common place, ok. But, how many hours a week, a month, a year (!) do we dedicate to clean and sweep our inner room?

Hope (2016). Zbrush and Blender. Cycles for rendering.

So c'mon, light a candle. Improve yourself. Let's grow our spirit and become a better person. Forgive. Forget. Do your best at your work. Be a good example for your kids. Don't be so proud. You're not always right, you should know. Be humble. Make Love, tenderly, with the one you Love, in the case you are lucky to have one. If not: love yourself, love the others, love your pet... There is so much Love to give, right? AND the more you give the more you have... Be kind, rewind. Dance. Think a good joke to tell to your best friend. Eat healthier. Be grateful for the food and for the goods you have. Think of the ones who don't have. Think of Alepo. Pray for them. Maybe it's the only thing we can do. Maybe we can do something more. Think about it. Do some meditation, in the park, in the woods, at your most favourite place. Read a book and tell the others. Do some drawings. Write something. Don't get angry (I know it's difficult). Don't be stressed; things are smaller than you think. Make a circle around you. Nothing evil can touch you this way. And most important thing: NEVER lose your Hope.

And then, maybe the One you have inside will be released.

Now I recommend to play this video in fullscreen mode and with the loudest volume possible 😀

I shall be released, from The Last Waltz (1978), by Martin Scorsese.

Behind the scene

As some of you may know (in the case you have been following me during this year), I Love Art and I love to get inspiration from the masters of painting, or from any other discipline.

In this case I took (maybe unconsciously) a reference to build this simple scene. I'm talking, obviously, about the Gerhard Richter candles:

Kerze (Candle), by Gerhard Richter. 1983. Oil on canvas. 95 cm x 90 cm

This is a powerful and intimate image for me. It has been used as a cover image for one of the Sonic Youth records: Daydream Nation.

About the video, it belongs to the ending song of The Band last concert, recorded in on Thanksgiving Day in November 25, 1976, at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. So we are talking about a 40th anniversary!!! 😀

It is for me one of the most beautiful musical moments ever. A inspiring song about Hope. I just wanted to share it with you.

Health and Love for everyone!!!

Note: I'm not a native English speaker and sometimes I think I'm writing too much 😀 Anyway I apologize for every single mistake I make with your beautiful language. If you feel like correcting me or giving me some advice, please, don't hesitate: drop me a line! I'll be glad to read you!

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