Where are my glasses???

Where can they be? My glasses, I mean.

I know I am too absent-minded, sometimes. But my glasses are missing again... among my other glasses ;)

Help me to find them, please!!!

Where are my glasses??? Not a render, but and old photo ;)

You know, since I am a passionate 3D artist I'm also more and more interested in different ways to display my work: holograms, lenticulars, stereoscopy, anaglyphs...

My most favorite is the stereoscopyc method with anaglyph glasses. They belong to the pop culture's iconography, don't they?

It is surprising for me to find out that in the fifties there was a real fever about 3D movies. And in fact, 1953 was called 195-3 D. Curious, isn't it?

Even Hitchcock, no doubt one of the biggest genious ever in film making, made his own 3D movie: Dial M for Murder (1954).

So, why shouldn't I do my own anaglyphs? Huh? HUH??? ;)

Mr. Clayton & Me. The (red-cyan) anaglyph version

Ok, just for fun, AND I want to have some! ;)

This is only a break while I'm preparing my next scene. But I want to see and let you see my last work in glorious 3D.

The only thing you need is a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses. They are cheap and many of them are made just with paper and thin plastic. No wires and no electricity involved ;)

There are different models: red-green, red-cyan, yellow-blue... You will need the red-cyan ones.

So grab them in the case you have them already and enjoy. It is recommended to see the image in full screen mode. So I also recommend you to download it and watch. You know: right click on the image and download.

Mr. Clayton & Me. Red-Cyan anaglyph version. ZBrush for sculpting and Blender for modeling and setting the scene. Rendered with Cycles.

Have fun!!!

Health and Love for everyone!!!


Note: I'm not a native English speaker and sometimes I think I'm writing too much ;) Anyway I apologize for every single mistake I make with your beautiful language. If you feel like correcting me or giving me some advice, please, don't hesitate: drop me a line! I'll be glad to read you!

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