Juan Antonio Morales

I was born in Mazarrón (Murcia - Spain), in 1973. Aries.

I studied Art at St Carlos University in Valencia, in 1992, and I graduated in 1997. Since that moment, I'm working as a secondary school Art teacher in Níjar, Almería; a wonderful place to live, with really beautiful and stunning beaches and sunsets. A place blessed by the sun and the sea...

I’m a self taught 3D artist. I started with CGI graphics in 1998, when I bought my first computer. But I really got deeply involved in 2009.

Many of my projects haven’t seen the light yet. And I consider now it’s the moment when I feel confident enough with my work.

I´m skilled with Blender and ZBrush. I think they match perfectly to create good looking images; especially since Cycles render engine appeared in 2011.

I love art history, and I like to use it in my work. Sometimes with humor and sometimes simply as a cultural reference.


I Love Nutella, as well. But I guess it's not relevant...

I find comfortable working on still lifes, but also creating dreamy landscapes (like my Wonderland series), fantasy scenes, industrial design, jewelry or portraits and caricatures, as I used to do under Mr. Clayton’s nickname (currently unavailable on the web, as I want to publish again those works on this site).

Made with Love is, officially, my first big 3d Art Project.

Where are my glasses???

Feel free to contact me, whenever you need.

© Made with Love. All rights reserved by Juan Antonio Morales. 2015

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